- Clean coolant

By effectively removing contaminating particles from the coolant, you prolong the life of your tool substantially. Alfie 500 removes particles down to less than 1 um and removes tramp oil to less than 0.5 %. Just a few minutes’ more usage time for each tool drastically decreases the tool consumption. And, of course, you know what that means for your profitability.

By minimizing the amount of contaminating particles in the coolant, you radically reduce the number of tool breakdowns. You, of anyone, know what an unplanned shutdown of production costs your company.

When keeping coolants clean with Alfie 500, you can increase the quality of the finished product. Precision remains at the same high level, and it becomes easier for you to observe specified tolerances continuously. The real advantage, however, lies in that you avoid reworking or scrapping finished products. That saves money. Read more...